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Friday, August 27, 2010

Show Us Your Support!

Beginning on September 1, 2010, Breath of Hope, Inc will be holding an online auction to raise much needed funds.

We need your support!

We're asking you to participate in one of the following ways...

How You Can Help:

We need Auction items to add to our auction. If you have valuable merchandise, rare collectibles, business or personal services or access to unique events, we need your contribution today. Click here to Donate.

Be a Sponsor.
Contact us at or 888-264-2340 to take advantage of promotional opportunities for your business or to pledge your individual support.

Tell Your Friends.
Do you know someone who would be interested in supporting our cause? Please share the news of the online auction with your friends so they can be part of the excitement. Refer a Friend to our auction so they can get involved.

Thank you in advance for your continued support! We look forward to your item donation and online bids!

Friday, August 20, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: 2010 Breath of Hope Scholaships Awards Announced

For More Information Contact:
Breath of Hope, Inc. 1-888-264-2340


Breath of Hope, Inc. (BoH) a 501 c 3 nonprofit public charity is pleased to announce the following
scholarship awards to the following individuals:

  • Devin Dye of LeRoy, West Virginia is the recipient of the Miracle Scholarship which will be applied to his education at West Virginia University
  • Lauren M. Real of San Carlos, California is the recipient of the Miracle Scholarship which will be applied to her education at California State University
  • Erin McInnis of Madison, Mississippi is the of the Hope Scholarship which will be applied to her education at Harding University
  • Jacob Boyd Womack of Madison, Mississippi is the recipient of Beyond Measure Scholarship which will be applied to his education at Mississippi University
  • Alex Mourtsen of Flagstaff, Arizona is the recipient of the Miracle Scholarship which will be sent to further his education at Northern Arizona University
Breath of Hope would also like to thank GMAC Financial who through their grant made these scholarship awards possible for these amazing individuals.

To learn more about Breath of Hope, please visit: call them toll-free at 1-888-264-2340.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 19 - A Day of Hope...

Many people don't want to talk about an infant that died.  It is sad thing, but for the parents, grandparents and their sisters and brothers they do remember the joy, the hope and the beauty of that child who was theirs.  These are miracles too and no one should be ashamed or embarrassed to talk of these amazing miracles who blessed this world for a short time. 

On August 19 - it is a day of Hope and a day to remember and speak of these amazing angels.

Please feel free to visit here and be proud to display these beautiful photos in honor of these children and their families.