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Parent's Perspective News Report of Saint Louis Children's Hospital Press Conference

Monday, January 25, 2016

CDH Ring Theory

This isn't a new concept but it is a great way of thinking when dealing with tragedy, illness of a loved one and grief.  Often times at Breath of Hope we are discussing how others insert their foot where it doesn't belong or give advise that truly isn't helpful.  Often times it is dumping in their own issues upon us about our situation.  You don't dump it in - you dump it out from the CDH Ring Theory. 

The Infant, CDH child or adult is the one most affected - therefore they get to dump it all out, vent, yell, cry, complain etc. out to us all - to their parents, to their siblings, grandparents, other relatives and friends.  You always dump out.  Parents can dump their feelings out to their own parents, other relatives, friends and so on.  You never dump it in the circle.  This is a rule to live by.  A wonderful example would be the neighbor who sees that the family next door with the CDH child  doesn't venture out much during the winter.  They may feel compelled to tell the parents that their children need fresh air and germ exposure is a good thing, because it builds immunizes.  (Every last CDH Mom just cringed.)  What this neighbor should have done is dumped out - complain to others but not to this family on their choice of winter time activities (or lack thereof).  What a really great neighbor would do is offer to run errands for the family, if needed or even ask if their other children may want to come over to play, being sure that no one has a cold or virus. 

This goes for grieving families but the parents become the center and they can dump out to us all. 

It isn't guaranteed if you share this CDH Ring Theory others will immediately understand and follow but maybe some will. 

If you do understand, remember there are different rings all the time based upon other circumstances out there.  If you always dump out and try to comfort in - you can never do wrong!