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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Breath of Hope CDH Jamberry Fundraiser

An amazing Mom of a CDH survivor, Lindsey, is hosting a CDH Jamberry Fundraiser.  Proceeds from the sales will come to Breath of Hope and we will add them to our Research Fund.  She is having games where you win free samples and you can even contact her if you know others who may want to order or participate.  The event is on Facebook. 

Jamberry Wraps are for finger and toe nails and the last up to 2 weeks.  There is even custom wraps with the CDH Awareness Ribbon to order. 
And if you order three you get one free from Lindsey's website
You do not have to be on Facebook to order you can order HERE

Sunday, January 18, 2015

CDH Research Grant to be Awarded

Currently Breath of Hope has $5,000 to award a grant to a research study! 
An anonymous donor has come forward to offer a matching challenge grant of up to US$5000. That means that when you donate a contribution of equal value comes from a secret source and effectively doubles the impact of your giving.  All funds raised from January 18th to March 15th which will also go to CDH research.  We must raise $5,000 (or more) to match this donation.  The donation money will be split to the following CDH Research Studies:

Both of the studies above have come to our CDH Summits to present and tell families and hospitals across this nation the work they are doing and obtain samples for those who wish to participate.  We want to give back to them for their collaboration on these events and we also know they are very dedicated in the research they are conducting in finding a cause or reason that may one day lead to better treatments! 

How you can help?  Donate or ask others to donate to Breath of Hope and mark the payments “For CDH Research” it will be deposited into our research fund.  Hold a fundraiser to collect funds, contact us ( if you need more information!  We hope to match this donation and award either $7,500 or more to help further their investigations and studies. 

We also would like to have families in the Boston and New York areas to award the checks to each study and thank them for their dedication!   Contact us ( if you would like to help coordinate a meeting with families in March to present a “Big Check” to these amazing researchers! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kindness Project - In Honor or Memory of CDH Children

Recently, the CDH Community as a whole has been rocked by the untimely deaths of children who were older than infants who had fought the good fight and been discharged from the NICU.  Unfortunately, RSV and other issues associated with hospital stays contributed to these children's deaths and we all step back and realize how far reaching congenital diaphragmatic hernia actual is to those who continue to fight it.

The world also has been racked with so much tragedy, too much meanness and too much that we wonder about humanity.  We are devastated to hear of other terror attacks of nations divided on issues that truly we need to ban together if we want solutions.  Pointing fingers does no one any good and only through dialog and being kind and compassionate can we make a difference in this world.

So we thought of an idea, we shared it with other CDH groups and we thought it would give our community members something to actually do that would help spread kindness and also a bit of CDH Awareness in the process too! 

Here is the basic outline of the project and you all can do it as simply or as elaborately as you wish!  You can do it as an individual or get others in your community or schools to help if you wish.  Do a random act of kindness and pass out a card to that person you do it for.  You can do it anonymously if you wish!  Then tell us about it.  As much as you wish or that a random act was done today in Anytown, USA :)  We would love to be overwhelmed with emails or posts to our Facebook Page or messages about your random acts.  You can do this in honor or memory of a child you know and at anytime you wish:  for Awareness Day, for your child's Birthday, for a date or period of time you wish.  It is in your hands to be as organized or as disorganized about it as you wish.  Kindness doesn't have to be organized! 

We provide you materials here that you can use and the Word Documents can be modified and updated to personalize.  The Business Cards we used are from Staples located here but we are positive you can find these at any other office supply store.  If for some reason, you have trouble, need another template or need help with this, please feel free to contact - we will be happy to help!