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Sunday, January 18, 2015

CDH Research Grant to be Awarded

Currently Breath of Hope has $5,000 to award a grant to a research study! 
An anonymous donor has come forward to offer a matching challenge grant of up to US$5000. That means that when you donate a contribution of equal value comes from a secret source and effectively doubles the impact of your giving.  All funds raised from January 18th to March 15th which will also go to CDH research.  We must raise $5,000 (or more) to match this donation.  The donation money will be split to the following CDH Research Studies:

Both of the studies above have come to our CDH Summits to present and tell families and hospitals across this nation the work they are doing and obtain samples for those who wish to participate.  We want to give back to them for their collaboration on these events and we also know they are very dedicated in the research they are conducting in finding a cause or reason that may one day lead to better treatments! 

How you can help?  Donate or ask others to donate to Breath of Hope and mark the payments “For CDH Research” it will be deposited into our research fund.  Hold a fundraiser to collect funds, contact us ( if you need more information!  We hope to match this donation and award either $7,500 or more to help further their investigations and studies. 

We also would like to have families in the Boston and New York areas to award the checks to each study and thank them for their dedication!   Contact us ( if you would like to help coordinate a meeting with families in March to present a “Big Check” to these amazing researchers! 

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