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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Will you help?

If you are out cyber shopping (which appears to be safer than going out to some malls and shopping centers), we have several amazing fundraisers which you can purchase items for gifts for someone else or yourself!

A portion of their small product merchandise sales will be donated to Breath of Hope until January 2012! Their connection to congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia? Aunt to a CDH Survivor, Em!

Their cutting boards are amazing. They are carved from one portion of wood which makes cutting on them very smooth. Their cutting board oil comes in Lemon or Rosemary and is equally amazing. When you use it on not only cutting boards but other wooden items, it absorbs into the wood, leaving very little oil behind for clean up. These would make wonderful gifts for the cook or someone who has most everything! You can go to their blog here for more information on ordering from them. Their service is also impeccable! Click HERE.

Do you have a cook in the family? Someone you know who just moved into their own house or who would like some truly amazing items. Pampered Chef has something for anyone!

Grilling Gift Set is $20.00, Apple Wedger - great for the apple lover or parents $13.00, Cut-n-Seal - great for sandwiches for kids $9.50, Dripless/Pourer Stopper for your favorite wine $10.50. These are just a few of the amazing items you can give as gifts for someone special or yourself! Go to this Link HERE Click "Shop On Line" and enter "Breath" - Spend $60 and get a FREE classic batter bowl or measuring cup set with your purchase! Click on the "Guest Special" on the left side of the choices and choose which item you would like FREE with your order! A portion of the proceeds raised will go to Breath of Hope.  Alexandra, is the Mom of Gabriel, CDH Survivor and is the Consultant for Pampered Chef. Thank you Alexandra for this opportunity!

In partnership with Benefit Wines, Breath of Hope is introducing their new line of charity wines - ABC Cellars - a lineup of six estate grown imported wines. These delectable wines, imported from Lontue Valley, Chile and Catalunya, Spain are highly rated and affordably priced for the wine and charity lover. A significant portion of the purchase price is donated to Breath of Hope to continue charitable efforts! These wines are certified organic and vegan! Plus - Starting November 25th they will be 20% OFF - that is right, all orders will be 20% off from November 25 - December 16th! Here is the LINK to the site:

Through Greatmoods, Breath of Hope has their own site HERE - Gift baskets are a wonderful idea to send to people far away or to give to business associates and friends and family! There are a variety of gift baskets and Breath of Hope receives a portion of the proceeds.

On a budget? Do you search or shop on line and the above items do not appeal to you - or are not on your list to purchase during the season? Good Search or GoodShop for Breath of Hope. GoodShop has thousands of on-line retailers who donate a portion of the sale to charity. Or if you use GoodSearch - each search earns 1 cent or more for charity! 100 searches = $1.00! These add up! Choose Breath of Hope in Charlottesville, VA as your charity and all searches or a portion of your order when you use GoodShop will go to Breath of Hope. It costs nothing! You can even download their tool bar to place on your browser and never have to worry about going to the site again!

You can also donate to Breath of Hope in someone's honor or memory as a gift, you can mail your checks to Breath of Hope, PO Box 6627, Charlottesville VA  22906 or you can visit our website to make a donation on line.  We will send the person or family you donate in honor or memory - an acknowledgement letter and certificate.

Please feel free to share this information with friends and family!  If these items do not meet your needs for gift giving, they may fill someone else you know!

As always - thank you for your support!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

‘Tis the Season – RSV, Flu and other to avoid

Parents of children who survive congenital diaphragmatic hernias usually go into hibernation during this season.  They are vigilant in hand washing, using hand sanitizers and advocating that no one come near their child(ren) with a cold.  (They don’t care if it is “allergies” – a sniffle to you may put a child with compromised lung issues into the hospital.)  This posting just isn’t for families with CDH survivors but also anyone out there who has compromised immunities or even those out there that are called “germ phoebes” by some and ridiculed for this. 

If there is a way to prevent your child or family member from catching the flu, say having the flu shot, will you then do this?  Well, there is a way to cut down the spread of germs and some virus simply by keeping hands clean and not going out into the public when you are symptomatic.  Now, many times most bacteria and virus’ are more contagious prior to the onset of symptoms but there is no reason to purposely expose others to illness.  So, any ‘germ phoebe’ should site this very reason for being so vigilant.  As for the statement, “Well, the more they are exposed, they build up immunities.”  Well, if exposed and it kills them, they will never build up immunities!  It just doesn’t make rational sense to anyone dealing with a child or anyone who has a condition that has a weakened ability to fight many illnesses out there.

So we have researched here for Hand Sanitizer Dispensers and their prices – so the ‘germ phoebes’ can truly cause talk among their friends and family!  Why not?  You’re labeled anyway!

Purell® NXTSpace Saver Dispenser - 1000 ml – Price $9.75 (Not Automatic) and their refills are expensive compared to some others listed below.

AvantOriginal Instant Hand Sanitizer, Wall Mount Dispenser - $23.99 – this comes with two 1000 ml. refills – A good buy!  Shipping is about $5 or so!

This is the link where we compared – so if you have other preferences, please feel free to do your own research:

We also found these:

And you can go to Amazon and search for dispensers – you’re going to shop for the holidays anyway – so why not add to your order?  Click here to see the choices available on

It appears Amazon may have the best deals overall – if you buy the dispensers they usually offer the refills at a discounted rate! 

We just did a quick search and compare here – so if you find a great buy out there – please feel free to comment to this post with the info to share with other “Germ Phobes”! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2012 Faces of CDH Calendar - Released!

In 2008, the first calendar to feature the faces of congenital diaphragmatic hernia was produced and released and we continue this tradition.  Our first calendar featured the "faces" it Polaroid-type frames, we decided to bring back that feature for 2012.  Each page also has an inspirational quote.

There are also three sizes, Wall Size, Over sized Wall Size and Vertical with a price range on our Breath of Hope Cafe Press Store site of $15.99, $19.99 and $17.99.  If you find or receive Coupon Codes through Cafepress, you must buy the calendars out on the Cafepress Marketplace to use these codes or take advantage of their sale discounts.  Sometimes this will reduce the price to less than what is listed in our Cafepress Store.  Please feel free to take advantage of these sales and coupon codes! 

Breath of Hope only receives $1 commission for each calendar sold, we keep the price down and our commissions down in order to pass the savings on to you all!  Thank you for your continued support and to all the families who shared their amazing and beautiful children - Thank you too!  Theses faces are what make our calendars so beautiful!