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Sunday, November 13, 2011

‘Tis the Season – RSV, Flu and other to avoid

Parents of children who survive congenital diaphragmatic hernias usually go into hibernation during this season.  They are vigilant in hand washing, using hand sanitizers and advocating that no one come near their child(ren) with a cold.  (They don’t care if it is “allergies” – a sniffle to you may put a child with compromised lung issues into the hospital.)  This posting just isn’t for families with CDH survivors but also anyone out there who has compromised immunities or even those out there that are called “germ phoebes” by some and ridiculed for this. 

If there is a way to prevent your child or family member from catching the flu, say having the flu shot, will you then do this?  Well, there is a way to cut down the spread of germs and some virus simply by keeping hands clean and not going out into the public when you are symptomatic.  Now, many times most bacteria and virus’ are more contagious prior to the onset of symptoms but there is no reason to purposely expose others to illness.  So, any ‘germ phoebe’ should site this very reason for being so vigilant.  As for the statement, “Well, the more they are exposed, they build up immunities.”  Well, if exposed and it kills them, they will never build up immunities!  It just doesn’t make rational sense to anyone dealing with a child or anyone who has a condition that has a weakened ability to fight many illnesses out there.

So we have researched here for Hand Sanitizer Dispensers and their prices – so the ‘germ phoebes’ can truly cause talk among their friends and family!  Why not?  You’re labeled anyway!

Purell® NXTSpace Saver Dispenser - 1000 ml – Price $9.75 (Not Automatic) and their refills are expensive compared to some others listed below.

AvantOriginal Instant Hand Sanitizer, Wall Mount Dispenser - $23.99 – this comes with two 1000 ml. refills – A good buy!  Shipping is about $5 or so!

This is the link where we compared – so if you have other preferences, please feel free to do your own research:

We also found these:

And you can go to Amazon and search for dispensers – you’re going to shop for the holidays anyway – so why not add to your order?  Click here to see the choices available on

It appears Amazon may have the best deals overall – if you buy the dispensers they usually offer the refills at a discounted rate! 

We just did a quick search and compare here – so if you find a great buy out there – please feel free to comment to this post with the info to share with other “Germ Phobes”! 

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