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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Long overdue - we apologize but here are the winners of the "Show Me Your Turquoise" contest:

From the Top - Sophia and her Turquoise Ribbon - her family and friends did a wonderful Job Raising Awareness and wearing Turquoise!
Emerson - Ah that face - and Wear Turquoise for Me T-shirt - how could you not with that face!
From the Great White North - Canada - Melissa and her boys in Turquoise and taking Turquoise Balloons for Nimkee ;-)...
And Jack showing REAL MEN do wear Turquoise - I dare anyone to tell this tough little guy they don't!
These were not in any order - we had four entries and four Gift Certificates to give - the results are all were winners. I am so glad - I couldn't decide!

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