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Monday, June 15, 2009


Want to help us raise funds without spending anything? No cost to you - just a bit of time - as much or as little as you want to give!

We will be collecting used cell phones, i-phones - even if they are broken and ink jet cartridges (size of your hand, please)! Keep them out of our landfills and Breath of Hope will have them recycled to continue to support CDH Families!

The economy is still in a rut - this is a way you can donate without it cutting into your budget! You can collect them at work, church, baseball, soccer or any other youth type event! Meanwhile you can spread some CDH Awareness! It is a guarantee someone will ask you what CDH is!

We are not asking for donations of funds - but of something others might just throw away and it is not safe for cell phones or ink jet cartridges to go into our landfills! They pollute the water, air and soil. So - you will be helping the environment AND helping a fundraiser!

If you want to help - please contact us at

We have Press Releases, promotional emails you can send or letters to businesses or others. We have a price list and we have a donation receipt you can print off and give to those who request it!

How do you send them once you have collected them? A shipping label will be given to you - it costs you nothing! Please not just one or two phones - at least 5 or more collected - we don't want this business to pay $8 for one phone shipped to them!

You call the shipper and they pick up and take it away! It is that simple!

Please contact us at if interested in helping us raise awareness, funds and recycle items that would otherwise pollute the environment!

Breath of Hope

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