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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Requesting Funds for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research & It Will Raise Awareness Too!

One of the most amazing people we know, Shannon, has taken on running in the New York City Marathon on November 7, 2010.  Twenty-six miles representing congenital diaphragmatic hernia awareness through the City of New York.  This marathon is the marathon that all want to run.  They say crossing that finish line in Central Park is like no other accomplishment they ever experienced. 

The New York City Marathon also attracts runners from all over the world, media from all over the world and spectators!  Every cent raised by the runners on TEAM GCDH NYC Marathon will go to Dhreams - Diaphragmatic Hernia Research & Exploration.  The runners are doing this for these children, families and to prove something to themselves - that they can reach from within and accomplish this without quiting - after all, these children are not given that choice.

Your donations are tax-deductible and every cent raised helps!   You can donate at the link above for TEAM GCDH NYC Marathon to any runner or any of the organizations and indicate that the funds are to the NYC Marathon for CDH Research!

Shannon - thank you - and all the other runners too!  Global CDH - thank you for this opportunity and may we all help raise some awareness and some funds for congenital diaphragmatic hernia medical research!

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