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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Laycee Originals

We always tell parents each child who is born with congenital diaphragmatic hernia is different, like a snowflake but they to share several traits - one in particular is they are just inspirational.  Laycee is truly an Original! 

This is from Laycee Originals Facebook Page, there is a link provided at the bottom.

Laycee's lungs did not develop and, in order to save her life, she was immediately placed on ECMO (a heart-lung bypass machine). She remained on ECMO for a total of 21 days. During that time her hernia was repaired and, unfortunately, she suffered a massive stroke destroying a large portion of the left side of her brain.

The prognosis for her neurological outcome was grim. One physician even went so far as to say, "She will just stare at the walls."

Laycee proved to be a fighter. She learned to walk and talk by the age of 3 and, with the help of a wonderful teacher, she learned to read. Her academic skills are limited; however, she has the confidence and the spirit of a lion.

Until approximately 2 years ago, Laycee could not write or draw. She performed most of her school work either on the computer or verbally. One day, she presented her Mom with a picture. It was a face....crude, but a face nonetheless. From that point on, her artistic endeavors took off. She began drawing everyone she knew and, with each portrait, her skills improved. At this time, Laycee has drawn over 300 portraits ~ all the same, yet different. She draws them according to specific information provided by the subject.

Her artwork is currently displayed in medical clinics throughout North Texas (including Wichita Falls, Grapevine, Fort Worth, and Dallas).

Please join us in celebrating this amazing person and her beautiful spirit. Although she has struggled with serious health issues since birth, she sees life through innocent eyes and with a pure soul.  

Link to Laycee Originals

Obviously, Laycee is not just "staring at walls" she is making people smile, connecting with them in a way only a heart understands!  Laycee - you are awesome!

You can go to the link above to find out how to order a Laycee Original!

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