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Thursday, December 5, 2013

2014 Faces of CDH Calendar Now Available!

The 2014 Faces of CDH Calendar is now available on Cafepress.  Regular size is $15.99 and Oversized calendar is $19.99 at the Breath of Hope Cafepress site, just click on the words and you will open a new window to the shop.  You can also go out to the Cafepress site and they always have coupon codes you can use to reduce the price, which may be less than what is on our site - or may not.  We encourage you to compare the pricing! 

Each year we do this calendar to show the faces of CDH, angels, survivors, adults, teens and babes.  It is astounding how many have grown up over the years.

Thank you for all who sent in your child's photos and thank you for purchasing a calendar as a gift for yourself, friends, family or that special nurse or doctor!

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