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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trisomy 13 - My discovery and the Truth of the Matter

Until Melissa and Bennett-Chadlen I was so uninformed on Trisomy 13. You see I like many heard from the professionals that this was a fatal condition alone and with CDH - even more so. I never knew there were people living with Trisomy 13 into their 40's or that these children were not unlike children with Downs Syndrome (Trisomy 21) and many of these children thrive. I was told they didn't live long. They can learn, they can work, they can go to school - are they not "perfect" - is anyone really? Or are they in their own way?

If you want a child - truly want a child - it does not matter their imperfections and if it does perhaps that may be an imperfection within? No judgement here - some want the perfect life but those of us that have had children with a birth defect - we know this world is imperfect.

Yet sometimes it is the imperfect things in life that are truly the way things should be and should be appreciated, loved and embraced. In doing so you learn to love yourself and then can love others too.

Melissa and Bennett-Chadlen - Thank you!

Links for Living with Trisomy 13 are under the Support Links - and her wonderful letter is also in these links. I encourage everyone out there to read these and start spreading the word to those out there!

Nimkee, I will be sure to help raise the THUNDER for this! ;-)

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