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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Caring, Spreading Awareness and Capturing Memories

On Wednesday, September 17 - Breath of Hope will have a project with the Thomas Jefferson Area United Way for the Day of Caring. We will assemble 500 baby hand print kits. Fifty of the kits will be used for our Expectant Parent Packages we send families of Breath of Hope along with a few other items which help these families prepare for their CDH baby.
The University of Virginia Children's Medical Center NICU has approximately 450 infants admitted each year. The remaining and bulk of these kits will be delivered to the University of Virginia's NICU so each family that has a baby admitted will have this special memento of their child's first moments.
A Community Grant will help fund the materials needed for these hand print kits and once that is finalized we will formally thank the corporation.
Each family will also know that Breath of Hope and the United Way Day of Caring made these hand prints possible. This will also spread a bit of Awareness!

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