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Saturday, December 11, 2010

National (International) Children's Memorial Day - Sunday, December 12th

Sunday, December 12th is International Children's Memorial Day.  This campaign was started by Compassionate Friends in order to honor and memorialize all children who were taken too soon from this earth.  Just light a candle at 7 PM and extinguish it at 8 PM so the light circles the world from one time zone to another. 

Breath of Hope would like to issue a challenge of sorts.  If you know someone who has a child die from anything, you may have been at a loss of what to say or do for them - light a candle.  You can further this by taking a picture of your candle and send them a message with the picture.  Tell them you thought of them and their child.  Trust us, this will mean the world to them!  Thank you!

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