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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Statement in Response to Questions We've Been Asked

The Board of Directors of Breath of Hope has been silent regarding the pending trademark case filed against us by one other organization. Our first and foremost concerns are helping families dealing with the prognosis of CDH. As many of us know, the burden of dealing with CDH is far more pressing. Families have children in the NICU, children who are facing additional surgeries, their own grief, the economy and various other things that are much more important.

In response to questions we have received by members, Breath of Hope was not invited to a meeting. This is an attempted settlement which is pending and no date or time has been confirmed. The facts are this meeting was brought forward by both attorneys for the plaintiff and our attorney; we are the defendants in this matter. Under no circumstance is anyone at Breath of Hope attempting to “influence” testimony or the general public. The lack of statement on our behalf in regards to this issue until now is evidence of that. – Breath of Hope’s Board of Directors
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