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Monday, December 28, 2009

Whole Foods Market - Nickles for Nonprofits

This January 2010, Breath of Hope will be one of the charities (of two) who will benefit from the Charlottesville, Virginia's location Nickles for Nonprofits.

Whole Foods in Charlottesville has launched a new program to assist local non-profits. When you bring back your reusable bags, you receive a nickle back. You have the option to take that nickel off your bill or better yet receive a wooden nickel and give it to a non-profit. There is a box located in the front of our store to hold these wooden nickels and they are real add up! Please be a supporter of our local non-profits groups. It's an easy way to help agencies that help our community.

Whole Foods Market carries Natural and Organic products and does wonderful things in each community they serve. We thank them for this opportunity!

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